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EVOLVE 2 PERFORM was founded by coach Justin Taylor who has been developing and evolving athletes with basketball performance training since 2006. Coach Taylor played collegiately at the Division 1 level and upon graduating with his BA in graphic design, he was fortunate enough to play professionally in various countries for several years. Playing at the collegiate and professional levels, he attained hands on experience in what it takes to excel in the sport of basketball both on and off the court. Blessed in opportunities to play against and with some of the industry’s top talent, he has a vast knowledge that encompasses many different views of the way the game is played. In addition to his personal experience competing, he also coached at the collegiate NCAA level and knows what is expected to succeed. With his love for the game and passionate drive to develop athletes, coach Taylor created his basketball training programs as a way to give back to basketball and the community. He now serves the basketball and athletic community under the Evolve 2 Perform platform, a performance training program. 

Playing throughout our careers, we all strive to improve our games and become better players. We may go to the gym and shoot  jump shots or do dribbling drills we may or may not have seen on the internet. A lot of times we look up and have been in the gym for hours thinking we have put in a nice day’s work! Coaches love athletes who live in the gym and strive for greatness. One saying that has been misunderstood for many years is “practice makes perfect”, when in actuality, practice makes permanent! If you go to the gym practicing wrong techniques, develop bad habits, create poor mind sets then you have stagnated your abilities to improve as a player. Professionals in every sport have achieved their levels of greatness by being able to master their individual craft. Progression is Perfection. When you are getting better and improving at skills and techniques every time you practice, it is then that you begin making the fundamental steps to mastering your craft. 

The definition of evolve is...


Evolve - e·volve [ēˈvälv] 1. develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

All training sessions focus on evolving and developing each and every time we workout.  You never want to train just to say  you worked out. 

Focusing on evolving our athletes with the breakdown of skill sets and knowledge is the main goal. I want athletes to have the ability to perform at a high level at their full potential so they can reach whatever level of success they aspire towards.

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