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Coach Justin Taylor, the visionary behind the Evolve 2 Perform Training Academy, boasts an impressive pedigree

as a seasoned basketball performance trainer, a role he has embraced since 2007. His journey in the world of basketball extends beyond his impactful coaching career, reaching back to his days as a Division 1 collegiate player. Following this, Coach Taylor embarked on a professional career, navigating the courts of various countries after earning his Bachelor of Arts in graphic design. This extensive playing background forms the cornerstone of his training programs, providing a rich tapestry of firsthand experiences that permeate every facet of his coaching philosophy. Whether honing his skills in the collegiate arena or facing elite competition in the professional realm, Coach Taylor gained invaluable insights into the nuances of excelling in basketball, both as an individual player and as a team player. The diverse array of opportunities to compete alongside and against top-tier talent has endowed him with a comprehensive understanding of the game, encapsulating a multitude perspectives. Complementing his playing career, Coach Taylor transitioned seamlessly into coaching at the collegiate level, where he not only imparted strategic acumen but also developed an acute awareness of the expectations that underpin athletic success. Driven by an unwavering love for the game and a passionate commitment to athlete development, Coach Taylor began his basketball training programs as a meaningful contribution to the broader basketball community. Today, he continues to shape the trajectory of aspiring athletes through the Evolve 2 Perform platform, an embodiment of his commitment to his community delivering elevating performance training programs.

The definition of evolve is...


Evolve - e·volve [ēˈvälv] 1. develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

Throughout a career in sports, the goal is constant improvement and becoming a better player. One common saying that has been misunderstood is "practice makes perfect." In reality, it's "practice makes permanent." If you practice with improper techniques or develop bad habits, you hinder your ability to progress. Professionals in every sport achieve greatness by mastering their craft. The mantra is "Progression is Perfection." True improvement happens when you refine skills and techniques in every practice session, taking fundamental steps toward mastering your craft and evolving your game.

In all training sessions, the focus is on continual evolution and development. The emphasis is not merely on saying you worked out but on progressing with each workout. The goal is to evolve athletes by breaking down skill sets and imparting knowledge. The ultimate objective is to empower athletes to perform at their full potential, enabling them to reach their desired levels of success.

All training sessions focus on evolving and developing each and every time we workout. You never want to train just to say  you worked out. 

Focusing on evolving our athletes with the breakdown of skill sets and knowledge is the main goal. I want athletes to have the ability to perform at a high level at their full potential so they can reach whatever level of success they aspire towards.

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