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DIGITAL RBT (Reaction Based Training) 

RBT, or Reaction-Based Training, is an innovative approach that leverages technology-based equipment to enhance the cognitive skills, reaction times, and decision-making abilities of athletes. This training method utilizes virtual basketball scenarios to specifically target in-game decision-making, coordination, and ball-handling skills.
At the forefront of RBT is the FRX Wall, a cutting-edge technology featuring Flash Reflex Technology-based Light Pods. These Light Pods are designed to significantly improve an athlete's response times, particularly in the critical areas of eye and hand coordination. By presenting dynamic visual stimuli, the FRX Wall challenges athletes to make split-second decisions, fostering the development of quicker reflexes and heightened cognitive processing.
The virtual basketball-based training incorporated into RBT goes beyond traditional methods, creating an immersive environment that closely simulates real-game situations. Athletes engage in scenarios that mirror the complexities of actual gameplay, honing their ability to make swift and accurate decisions under pressure.

Flash Reflex  BLAZEPOD (FRX)  


Flash Reflex Training (FRX) Blaze Pods are a type of training equipment that use lights and touch-sensitive sensors to provide visual cues for athletes during training. Here are some benefits of using Blaze Pods for basketball training:

  1. Improved reaction time: FRX training can be used to improve an athlete's reaction time by providing visual cues that require the athlete to react quickly. This can be valuable in basketball, where quick reactions are necessary for both offense and defense.

  2. Increased agility and footwork: FRX can also be used to improve an athlete's agility and footwork. By providing visual cues for specific footwork patterns and drills, FRX Training can help athletes improve their footwork and movement on the court.

  3. Enhanced cognitive function: FRX training requires athletes to process visual information quickly and react accordingly, which can help improve cognitive function and decision-making skills. This can be valuable in basketball, where split-second decisions can make a big difference in the outcome of a game.

  4. Customizable training: FRX Training is highly customizable, which means that athletes and coaches can design training programs that are specific to the needs of the individual athlete or team. This can be valuable in basketball, where different positions and playing styles require different types of training.

  5. Fun and engaging: FRX Training can make training more fun and engaging for athletes, which can help increase motivation and enthusiasm for training. This can be valuable in basketball, where consistent training and practice are necessary for success.

Overall, using Blaze Pods (FRX training) for basketball training can be a valuable tool for improving reaction time, agility, cognitive function, and customization of training. By adding an element of fun and engagement to training, flash reflex training can help athletes stay motivated and focused on their goals.

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In Game Experiences with  "The Lazer"

A system that works by using computer vision technology to track the user's movements and provide real-time feedback on their movements and dribbling skills. The system acts as a virtual coach, providing interactive training drills, challenges, and personalized guidance based on the user's performance.

Users can follow the training programs provided by the system which tracks performance metrics such as speed, control, and agility, allowing players to monitor their progress over time. It includes instructional help for users improve their skills.

The Skill Lab at Evolve 2 Perform aims to make training more engaging and accountable for players of all ages and skill levels. The technology offers an interactive and gamified approach to skill development, allowing users to practice and improve their ball control and dribbling skills in a fun and interactive manner.

What really set the Laser apart from every other training system, is it’s ability to simulate movements that player would execute in a game. The Lazer’s programming require players to change tempo and combine moves just as they would in a game to beat their defender. On top of that, players are reading and reacting to the commands on the screen, building court vision and quick decision making skills.

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